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  Path to a Fighting Spirit

Path to a fighting spirit 

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Martial Arts is not just about fighting, punching and kicking bags, push ups and being yelled at. It is a way of life

It is about life skills
Self confidence, street-wise self defence, respect for others, commitment, discipline,  body conditioning, fitness, getting out of trouble, awareness, strength .... and the list goes on.

Toushido Karate is a family friendly club and we promote parents train with their children. Every week is different and the intensity level changes as well. We have a high level of discipline and the classes are taught the traditional Japanese way.

2 Burnell Rd BELAIR
(near the BP)
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Monday         Belair                5:30 pm to 7pm.      All Welcome

Tuesday        Blackwood        6 am to 7 am           Fitbox (outdoors)

Wednesday   Blackwood        6 am to 7 am           Fitbox (outdoors)

Thursday       Belair                6pm to 7.30pm       All levels

Friday            Blackwood        6 am to 7 am           Fitbox (outdoors)

1 hour morning sessions 6am to 7am
Tues, Wed and Fri

All classes are $10.00 pay as you go

Training timetable and up and coming events now in our

For more info call me on
Ph 0412 176 754
Mick Murphy...5th dan...IBF Dip.T

For more information email me on

Morning Dojo

Shepherds Hill Rd, Eden Hills
(near the skate park)

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Extreme fitness sessions (not for the light hearted)
If you thought you were fit ......try at your own level
Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 6.00 am

                                    Families train together

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